Friday, 29 March 2013


... for Easter and my birthday. Another year older and finally matching the day with my age. Roaring Twenties for another year only. Excuse me whilst I'm nonetheless off to celebrate a little. And wreck my brains over all those spring and summer fashion sewing projects that I'd love to add to my to-do list. A gazillion, seriously. Hopefully somebody is taking pity on me and gifting me fabric vouchers instead of the sensible money-for-kitchen-furnishings that I asked for.

Wishing everybody an ever so lovely Easter with family, friends, sewing... however your heart desires to spend the holidays. For me it's mainly time with the husband and winding down. No party as everybody's away seeing their families but I might make up for that in two weeks.

Speak soon!


  1. Happy birthday! Have a great time celebrating and enjoy the time off over Easter!

  2. Happy Birthday hope you have a fab time

  3. Happy Golden Birthday! This is a pretty momentous day. I'll keep my fingers crossed for fabric vouchers too. ;)

  4. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag meine Liebe.
    Ich hoffe du hast einen schneefreien Tag ;)

  5. Happy Birthday, and have a wonderful Easter!


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