Wednesday, 3 April 2013

W.i.P. - The Lazy One

The past days have been spent lazying it up. No sewing ensued do to duties like cuddling on the sofa, seeing family, stuffing my face, trading Easter goodies with the husband until each had their perfect mix. This is my haul.

Thanks again for your well wishes, I had a wonderful birthday and Easter. My thoughtful husband got us tickets for Dylan Moran's only show in Germany in May. We love Black Books and I have a very outspoken weakness for Bernard, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Moran live and in a different context.

My trusty stash enablers The fabric fairies visited me with very generous gift cards for my favourite brick-and-mortar in Berlin. Thank goodness for the holidays or I would've stormed in there without a plan and fallen victim to all the eye candy. This way, at least, I had a few days to slobber over fabrics online but properly consider my options and decide what I'd not only want but actually need. As we all know that fabric money aches to be spent, you already know how the story ends. I went to the store yesterday when they re-opened their gates and took home delicious fabric. What you might not have expected - it's for summer clothing projects. I'll show you this Sunday, promised, but I was too distracted stroking my bundle to take pictures of it.

Despite not sewing, I did a lot of sewing-related thinking. Cleaning up and rearranging sewing plans, setting a better schedule, deciding on a few select projects for my own benefit, ... 


Finishes - 0

Ongoing Projects - 4
EPP hexies - 52 finished flowers + 14 nearly-theres
baby things
Grecian Waters/Emerald HST quilt - finished the top!
cushion cover

Stalled Projects - 1
EPP parallelograms/stars

Planning Stage - 5
Wedding Anniversary quilt
Quilt for the husband - will possibly be downgraded to a pillow case
Two summer dresses & a skirt


  1. Haha good for you! Planning is sewing work in my book -- I collect piles of lists like I collect fabric ;)

  2. Yay for fabric - perfect birthday gift isn't it!!


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