Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wool on Sunday #5 - On A Christmas Wednesday

Merry Christmas all you lovelies!

Still no baby but I managed to finish this scarf for my brother-in-law just in time. My joints are aching - these last days I've retained water in my hands which I hadn't before and the power knitting probably didn't help - but I'm happy.

It's a simple as can be k2, p1 pattern but I've made it more interesting cause colour changes and vertical stripes!

Happy holidays!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wool on Sunday #4

Dang, I'm sure glad that I decided to bind my Winter Baby Girl Quilt the other day. Knowing that I can add my hand quilting whenever and yet already be able to hang it prettily over the crib has freed my mind so much. I've been able to get other things done - crafty and non-craft related - without feeling guilty. For instance, I knit up a hat for my sister that she asked for in return for her "small to medium craft project of your choice" birthday voucher.

She picked Armour Love as a pattern and a beautiful blue wool. I've been sporting the dark grey version since last winter and we only decided to make the brim a little tighter. The pattern is a really quick knit with very pretty and comfy results. The diamonds do look a little like Christmas trees, don't they?

Thus, I'm able to put a second parcel under the tree for her. Very pleased. I've got another knit project on my hands as we speak which might be ready in time for Christmas, too, or not. If not there's a plan B. If yes the babe still keeps us waiting.

Happy knitting & sewing!

Friday, 19 December 2014

TGIFF - More Cushion Covers

I'm preeetty sure I said I'd put my sewing machine away for the season not too long ago, didn't I? Ah well, humbug. On Wednesday my colleagues called on a secret mission. You see, another colleague is expecting a little boy with his girlfriend, just a few days after I'm due, and just like they got us a little something they were looking for something for them.

They'd been thinking along the lines of a onesie and a t-shirt with some cute applique like "little brother/big sister", only they couldn't find something they liked which got them wondering whether I might not applique something onto bought clothes if they got me the fabric and utensils. I gave it a thought and said I could.

When I got off the phone I got thinking some more. I don't have any experience with applique. Would it turn out well enough? Is "well enough" enough for me? They'd have to buy the things. And get them to me before I could start. Do I even like working with things that I didn't choose?

So I called them and proposed to make two samey yet not same pillows from my ample stash if they sent me batting. Whilst they deliberated I already pulled my fabrics and got playing - like we do. Shortly afterwards a courier brought me batting and a gift card to make up for my stash expenses.

for the baby boy
for the big sister

So yeah, I whipped up two sibling pillows in two sessions on Wednesday and Thursday and sent them to the office on Thursday afternoon. Hope they'll be well received.

Happy sewing!