Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Stash #20

So, most of my recent fabric hauls have been purposeful with specific and special projects in mind. Ever true to myself and like all of us I couldn't resist adding some not quite so project-bound beauties to my stash. It's all about the larger picture and the ability to pull from our stash, right?

All of these were on sale on top of being on my most beloved colour spectrum or by Lotta Jansdotter whose fabrics I love, too - so how could I possibly not make them mine?

I'm happily working away on my Maritime Baby Girl Quilt as well as baking some goodies to take to a dinner with friends later in the day. What a busy yet absolutely lovely weekend.

Happy sewing!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Maritime Baby Girl Quilt - Kick-off

I did it. Today, for the first time since my gran died, I've employed my iron, rotary cutter, and sewing machine. I put on some favourite music, ironed several yards of fabric, got cutting, and then I made the decision to go kind of improv with the blocks. Let's see where that'll take me.

It's been only a few seams as I'm busy with household chores and will be babysitting my nephew in the evening but these few seams make all the difference (and will be continued tomorrow!). I might have got a little emotional when the machine started whirring. Well, it's ridiculously wonderful to be back and I'm so so excited to be working not only on this girl quilt for friends but on a second baby girl quilt as well.

Yes, the sonographer confirmed it this Friday: We're expecting a little girl. Having made quite a few boys' quilts over the past years it's something new. Though my quilts have never been heavily gendered it's sweet to be making "something different", if only by appellation.

Here's the backing - I can't believe that's set already. It's usually the last thing I decide upon!

So much for now, I've got to hop off but I'll be back.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ahoy, Matey!

First of all, thank you for your kind words that have reached my through comments or by e-mail. They are genuinely appreciated and a reminder of why I enjoy sewing blogland so much as well. It's good to be back in the fold and if I haven't replied to you yet be assured that I will.

As I told you last time the cute little boy who got the viking quilt in November 2012 will be joined by a sister this October. As his parents adore the old quilt and because I don't think girls must be gifted with tons of pink and frilliness I've decided to play up the sibling theme and make another maritime quilt.

These are the fabrics that are new - isn't the panel gorgeous, aren't the mermaids cute without being over the top girly? - but I'll also throw in some well-known friends from previous quilts as well as some vikings.

A fabric I might not use is this pretty flannel, it depends whether I decide to stick with my idea of using the big boat on the backing or not.

I'm still playing around with the layout - although the clock is ticking - but it sure feels good to be working with fabric again.

Happy sewing!