Monday, 24 March 2014

Cushion Update

They're finished! (You've got to take my word that there's a second cushion cover in the vicinity.) Only a few words and more pics as I'm really tired but still eager to show them off.

Quilting took the front from a bit boring to really pretty. I'm so glad I went with straight lines and chevrons.

And I do do love the cushion covers all made up and ready to be used!

Both front and back.

Such a long way from this dull brown!

I can't wait to get a pic of both pillows on my sister's sofa, probably tomorrow, and I know she can't wait to finally have her cushion back. After six months. Catching up with projects is fun!

Happy sewing!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

New, Old Project - Cushion Covers for the Sis

Still catching up on old projects.* I actually had to look up since when I've had the fabric for this project. End of September? Ouch, that means I've been planning it since mid-September! On top I've had my sister's sofa cushion for all of those six months... Well, better late than never.

Fabric, batting, and interior fabric have been cut. Pieces for the envelope backing have been assembled and are ready to be quilted.

Yes, quilted - I'd planned to keep the cushion covers really simple, maybe even completely unquilted, to finish them today but then fancy struck. Wouldn't the mirror balls be set off just great by a bunch of straight, angular lines? This is the first backing piece showing my efforts and proving my thinking right.

I love where this is going and I'm sure my sister will be delighted, too, but I also know that I won't be finishing these pretties today. Not least of all because my water soluble marker is giving up the ghost...why do these things always happen on Sundays?! Anyway, I'm looking forward to spend more time with this new, old project.

Happy sewing!

*Dreaming up new ones as well, though. It's *tough* not to and focus on finishing up only.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Idea of a Perfect Sunday

Sleeping in late after a DVD Sherlock night with the husband, getting some washing done, preparing dinner and a soup for work tomorrow, watching some telly whilst getting on with some serious business...

If you're thinking, "Isn't that the skirt she meant to finish in autumn?" Well yes, it is, I recommend your memory. And yes, it will make a fabulous spring skirt. I'm finally catching up with a lot of old projects which feels so good and the amazing sunshine outside certainly works to enhance the feeling. I'm off in a minute to enjoy it whilst having tea with a friend. Also part of my idea of a perfect Sunday.

In case you wondered, my baby quilts and sailboats were a huge success and my British holiday was just smashing. Such a lovely time catching up with my friends and cuddling and befriending their little ones. Bless. Such a wonderful thing to be speaking English 24/7 again and dreaming in English. Such a wonderful time treating myself to proper salt & vinegar crisps, bacon butties and a pork pie or two. Afterwards, I had two additionally days off work due to accrued overtime and can honestly say that I will return tomorrow happily and thoroughly relaxed. Now if only that didn't mean to get up earlier again. Let's see how I cope with that...but no, let's not ponder upon it, let's enjoy this wonderful Sunday.

Happy sewing!