Sunday, 16 March 2014

New, Old Project - Cushion Covers for the Sis

Still catching up on old projects.* I actually had to look up since when I've had the fabric for this project. End of September? Ouch, that means I've been planning it since mid-September! On top I've had my sister's sofa cushion for all of those six months... Well, better late than never.

Fabric, batting, and interior fabric have been cut. Pieces for the envelope backing have been assembled and are ready to be quilted.

Yes, quilted - I'd planned to keep the cushion covers really simple, maybe even completely unquilted, to finish them today but then fancy struck. Wouldn't the mirror balls be set off just great by a bunch of straight, angular lines? This is the first backing piece showing my efforts and proving my thinking right.

I love where this is going and I'm sure my sister will be delighted, too, but I also know that I won't be finishing these pretties today. Not least of all because my water soluble marker is giving up the ghost...why do these things always happen on Sundays?! Anyway, I'm looking forward to spend more time with this new, old project.

Happy sewing!

*Dreaming up new ones as well, though. It's *tough* not to and focus on finishing up only.

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  1. Love the diagonal lines! So fun!
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