Tuesday, 28 January 2014

WIP - How I Spent the Last Weekend

I enjoyed my sewing weekend oh so much! I'd assembled my squares into this top on Saturday but wasn't quite convinced yet. It was small-ish, clocking in at 78,5 cm² / 31'' inch², and I didn't want to distort the square blocks too much with the 1 cm wide binding I plan on making.

So I had to add a border and bring up the size to healthy 88 cm² / 34 ⅔ inch². I put my tag in the bottom right corner. The red dots really pop out this pic.

I chose this flannel for the backing. So soft and perfect for this quilt. T is a tiny baby boy and I want this quilt to be extra cuddly.

Since I didn't feel like jumping right into quilting once I'd spray basted the quilt, since I still had a lot of squares left and since there's another little baby boy, little D, that hasn't received a birthday gift yet because I've been way too busy last year (he's a November babe), not to mention that his elder brother got a me-made quilt a little over two years ago (I feel like I've come such a long way since then!), and since this pattern is way too much fun and so quick to sew (whew, that's a lot of "sinces"), well, since there were a ton of reasons and no objections I simply made another quilt top.

I love it! I love how different both of them look despite the similar colour scheme of the squares. I love them so much more than the original quilt I intended to make eight months ago which proves that breaks are sometimes just the right thing for our creativity.

I hope little T and D will love their quilts and I hope I can gift both of them in person during my trip to the UK in a couple of weeks. I booked my flights yesterday and am soo excited to see so many of my friends and their boys. It'll be just wonderful.

Happy sewing!

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Stash #18

What precedes a weekend dedicated to sewing? Fabric shopping of course! After a busy week I really needed that little endorphin high that shopping in a beautiful store brimful of even more beautiful fabric and accessories can give you. Also, I had a gift card - a lovely belated Christmas present from my in-laws - to spend. Whoop, absolutely guilt-free fabric shopping! I went into the store with the best intentions, as in not spending the whole load and saving a fair amount for later. (If you're guessing how that ended I'm pretty sure you're guessing right).

So I got batting for the baby quilt that I've been sewing this weekend - so excited about this one! stay tuned for the next post - and then dived into the gorgeousness around me and had a very very hard time deciding which pretties to take home with me. Never fear, though, I solved this conundrum of old. Nah, who am I kidding, I did some math and took what I could get of what took my fancy the most which resulted in spending all of my gift card. (Told you!) No regrets, though!

I love the turquoise and yellow prints so much and they've got such a cute name, too: "Sow the love".

Happy sewing!

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

This Weekend Is Sew...

...dedicated to my sewing machine and having fun with gorgeous fabric.

After spending the first three weekends of 2014 with friends and family and awesome activities such as going home for my grandmother's birthday or dancing the night away at my favourite club I'm finally picking up the squares for that baby boy quilt again. Huh, three months since I last did so? Geesh, well, I guess the little one's birth and a potential visit of the family in 5 weeks is a rather good reason to get it done.

Right, back to my love affair a.k.a. stash and machine. I need to pick some backing and sew on.

Happy sewing!