Tuesday, 28 January 2014

WIP - How I Spent the Last Weekend

I enjoyed my sewing weekend oh so much! I'd assembled my squares into this top on Saturday but wasn't quite convinced yet. It was small-ish, clocking in at 78,5 cm² / 31'' inch², and I didn't want to distort the square blocks too much with the 1 cm wide binding I plan on making.

So I had to add a border and bring up the size to healthy 88 cm² / 34 ⅔ inch². I put my tag in the bottom right corner. The red dots really pop out this pic.

I chose this flannel for the backing. So soft and perfect for this quilt. T is a tiny baby boy and I want this quilt to be extra cuddly.

Since I didn't feel like jumping right into quilting once I'd spray basted the quilt, since I still had a lot of squares left and since there's another little baby boy, little D, that hasn't received a birthday gift yet because I've been way too busy last year (he's a November babe), not to mention that his elder brother got a me-made quilt a little over two years ago (I feel like I've come such a long way since then!), and since this pattern is way too much fun and so quick to sew (whew, that's a lot of "sinces"), well, since there were a ton of reasons and no objections I simply made another quilt top.

I love it! I love how different both of them look despite the similar colour scheme of the squares. I love them so much more than the original quilt I intended to make eight months ago which proves that breaks are sometimes just the right thing for our creativity.

I hope little T and D will love their quilts and I hope I can gift both of them in person during my trip to the UK in a couple of weeks. I booked my flights yesterday and am soo excited to see so many of my friends and their boys. It'll be just wonderful.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Two beautiful quilts! Are you sure you want to come to the UK? The weather is truly dreadful ; 0)

  2. you are right - they both look so different but are both gorgeous :-)

  3. I like them both. Your ease at putting them together impresses and inspires me to do more since (your fave word!) doing them makes one better-practice makes ... and all that. Thanks for sharing your process.

  4. I'm sure it will be super cuddly.


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