Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mother's Day Baby Quilt

Here's the result of sacrificing a few lunch naps last week - a finished baby quilt for my pregnant colleague. I love how it turned out and that I made the Mother's Day deadline. She had a baby brunch on Sunday - how apt!

As usual I revelled in the binding process. So relaxing and quick on a small-sized quilt. The quilting was fun, too.

To round off the gift I added one of the dresses I made for my girl. We never got around to dressing her in it (never fear, we did dress her up in the second one for adorable pictures) and it would be a shame to just have it sit in the closet. Bonus point, the fabrics are in the quilt.

I got quite the boost making this quilt and have employed it well to troop on with this old project of mine. More on that some other day.

I may be quiet but I'm still making things whenever baby and my rationed energy let me. Our daughter is amazing. Happy, agile, exploring everything. Time flies. It's hard to imagine she was just a little cluster of cells a year ago, she's so big now. Our sunshine. Everyday. Yep, still drunk on the new parent hormones as we bloody well should be.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Awww, look at those gorgeous little legs! (The quilt ain't bad either)


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