Friday, 17 April 2015

Something Finished

I made these beautiful, cheerful, too busy for my husband curtains for our kitchen a few weeks ago. They were the first project that I started after little E's birth and the first one to be finished. I just didn't find the time to blog about it. What would usually be done on an afternoon took a couple of days but it was great way back into sewing.

This is the back which can be seen from the outside. I love them so hard. Years back* when I bought the half yard cut I'd planned to make an apron but this is an even more satisfying use. Such an improvement to the terribly dull makeshift that used to be in its place, don't you think?

My sister saw these and like a kid who sees somebody else with an icecream cone immediately demanded asked to get some, too. I'm happy to oblige her and it doesn't hurt that she's paying me in fabric on top of appreciating my makings. So we ordered another Michael Miller print and as soon as we've picked a coordinating solid I'll fit it into my schedule.

Happy sewing!

*Proof that everything does get used in the end!

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