Sunday, 12 April 2015

Things I'm Working On

Yes, I might not be blogging or commenting on your posts a lot but I'm actually working on several sewing projects and somehow manage to fit a little bit of sewing or sewing prep into most days. These projects are new and there's still a few old ones to tackle but I'm following these creative outbursts as they come and know all will be wrapped up at some point.

This baby quilt top for my colleague (very excited for her!) is the latest project that I added to the list.

It started out with some fun layouting on the floor. My first equilateral triangles. Funny how it can still amaze me how much seams shrink a project.

And then there's these dotty hexagons and triangles. I splurged on the Hex N More ruler as well as the Super Sidekick as I want to work more with geometrical forms than previously and try out new blocks. Working out so far!

Last but not least, another quilt for the tiny one (totally the most gorgeous baby ever, yes, we're completely enthralled new parents). Her baby quilt is much too special to be used for outings in the park - though the handquilting possibly won't be done until her first birthday - which is why I'm working on a fun zig zag quilt. I'm using triangle paper to save time and it's a great project as it's easy to break up into increments. Rather than sewing all the HSTs, ironing them all open, sewing them up, etc., I'm working the processes in small parallel steps. Gives me the pleasure of "finishes" whenever I'm working on it. I even picked a more girly palette!

Happy sewing!

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