Friday, 26 April 2013

T.G.I.F.F. - With a Little Help From My Friends...

Spot the mistake!

I've been working on my little owl hat. By the way, did anybody notice my glaring mistake in Wednesday's picture? Yep, I totally skipped the cabled row that turns simple knitting into proper little owl heads! Gah. Well, I had to frog this. Thank goodness for the generosity of the crafting community that shares their wisdom because I really didn't want to go back three rows stitch by stitch. I'd pinned the solution a while back and could finally apply it. There's a silver lining to everything, eh?

It was a bit fiddly but the last pic shows my knitting back on track. Yay. I then rewarded myself with these. Nom nom.

The hat's now finished but I'm a teensy tiny bit stuck. Eyes or no eyes? Don't fear, I'm convinced my firend won't leave little C unattended to play with and choke on buttons, so we can put decoration over safety issues for once.

Unfortunately I don't have enough of the bottom two buttons (salvaged from shirts) to decorate all six owls, only three each. Anyway, what do you think? Eyes? No eyes?

For a glamorous parting shot, let me introduce my beloved childhood doll.

You can tell she's a true 80s girl from that terrible terrible fluffy fringe. One hot mess! I love her nonetheless and think she's one of the reasons why I've always been envious of natural gingers. Dye for me if I want to look like that. Anyway, look how much cuter she looks with the hat to cover that fringe!

I'm falling in love with her all over again!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Hehe Yep - the hat really helps her look. ;D Wow buttons or no is a hard call - I really like either of the bottom two, but as you say, there aren't enough - does it look weird if you just put them on one "feature" owl? I'm just amazed to start with that you could knit that - I've never been able to get knitting into my hands.

  2. That is a fabulous hat! I too am in awe of the knitting. I would go for either of the bottom button options, could you alternate so some of the owls do have eyes and some don't or would that look really weird?

  3. I had no idea there is such pattern called owls, lol. How about yellow eyes stitched with black tread to look like the real ones?

  4. I love the bottom brown buttons - such a cute hat!


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