Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

February has been pretty drab on the sewing front. I've managed to work on my hexies but all other sewing has been relegated to the back seat. And there's so much I want to make!

A new apron, for instance, to replace this terribly worn out and slightly boring number.

Wouldn't it be much more fun to cook in something made out of this?

And I desperately want to sew up something pillow-y with these pretties.

Finally, I want to delve into the baby fabrics and start making things for my niece/nephew, especially now that I've seen this adorable mini quilt over at Angela's Cut to Pieces.

Instead I'm busy unpacking and cleaning. There's still a ton to do but I've managed to turn the office from this...

... to this. Not completely done but getting there.

And my stash boxes are safely back here.

Never fear, my stash isn't that tiny - you can't see the two big fabric boxes and one yarn box at the bottom of the shelf... Three of the top four boxes hold fabric for one project each - baby things, HST Grecian Waters, and the Wedding Anniversary quilt. I'd better get going on the latter, still looking for the right pattern/idea, as we only just had our half-anniversary last week. Time clearly goes by quickly when you're moving.

The living room's still pretty messy but our dinner table is already positioned close to one of the large windows to provide light for my future sewing exploits. I'm considering putting up framed wedding pictures on the wall behind it.

Hopefully I'll make enough progress that I can break out my machine soon. March deserves more creativity!

Lily's Quilts

I'm also linking up with the Small Blog Meet for blogs with less than 50 followers.

Lily's Quilts

Happy sewing!


  1. If your stash can fit in half a bookshelf, it's time to buy more fabric!

  2. Just stopped by from the Small Blog Meet linky. I'm with Marjorie - time to buy more fabric! But I would say that even if your room looked like Liberty's! I agree with you a 'make' using that lovely kitchen jug fabric is itching to be done. I look forward to seeing pics of what you made.

  3. Your hexies are lovely! I hope you have more time in March to press on with all those projects :)

  4. I hope you are able to dive into those sewing/quilting projects in March! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I will be back to see what March holds for you!

  5. I love the fabric for your new apron.

  6. Love the kitchen print for your new apron- I have a piece of that fabric in grey and white and can't decide what to make- maybe you'll be my inspiration!

  7. Good luck unpacking and being creative this month! It looks like you have lots of options. :)


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