Wednesday, 27 February 2013

W.i.P. Meets Sunday Stash

We've been properly living in our new flat since Sunday afternoon. Yay! There's still a few things to fix and a couple of boxes to unpack, of course, but I'm finally back online for good (can you sense my relief?) and as of today I managed to put all my boxes of stash where they belong. Which means I also found the box containing recently acquired stash I'd already verbally confessed to on here but hadn't a chance to show off confess in pictures, yet. So, here we go!

Pearl Cotton for my HST Grecian Waters Quilt.

So pretty. Don't you think the set will work just lovely with my Christmas FQ bundle?

Making use of a sale and the postage these V and Co. Simply Color half yard cuts also found their way to me.

But onto my WIPs!

I finished another seven flowers on my train rides Wednesday and Thursday last week (over 500 miles in 27 hours with less than 17 hours between both rides). This brings the official count to 52 finished flowers and 14 with pre-assembled ones.

Finishes - a whole lot of moving!

Ongoing Projects (no longer stalled!) - 1
EPP hexies - 52 finished flowers + 14 nearly-theres

Stalled Projects (still) - 1
EPP parallelograms/stars

Planning Stage - 4
Wedding Anniversary quilt
Grecian Waters HST quilt
Quilt for the husband
Tons of baby things

Happy sewing!


  1. Those pearl cottons and kona colours are gorgeous and I love your hexie flowers :)

  2. Ohhhh ich liebe diese Farben,
    türkis, blau, petrol, du bist ganz schön gemein.
    Ich hoffe ihr seid gut und heil wieder in Berlin angekommen und alles klappt wie es soll.



  3. That is a beautiful pile of hexies!

  4. Oh your blues and greens are so pretty!!! And your hexies are looking great, they put mine to shame :-p


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