Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend Sneak Peak

My weekend was very relaxed and surprisingly sewing-free. I did a lot of catching up - sleep, life in general, long phone calls, emails, household chores... You know the stuff.

It wasn't, however, completely free of sewing-related or crafty things. On top of juggling multiple hypothetical fabric shopping carts before deciding on one, I read plenty of blogs, made plans for future projects, and my evenings included lots of this.

Definitely getting there, Juliet. ;)

As I finally made it to the citizen centre today, I'm now officially back in Berlin - my ID says so. And after a surprisingly short waiting period, too. I had bought a book and a hand sewing project to while away hours and hours but was already on my way home after one and a half. It's really sunny, too (though cold). Looks like a promising week ahead of me.

Happy sewing, friends!


  1. My weekend was productive but not much sewing either! I cleaned house, did some DIY home improvement projects and hung out with my brother who is home from college for spring break. Is that last photo some hand quilting? Surely that counts for sewing productivity!

  2. Love the quilting- can't wait to see what it is!


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