Monday, 21 January 2013

Yoshi 8.0

I'm back once more as I'm back in Berlin for my final exam on Thursday (crossed fingers appreciated muchly). Don't get me started on the internet situation back in Bavaria... Things might change soon. Trying not to jinx things by spilling the beans too early but important changes are certainly afoot. Aaanyway, feast your eyes on Yoshi pictures over the next couple of days!

After our extended Christmas holiday with the family, we finally, reluctantly, went home and I focussed on the big Yoshi Quilt. The first two days were dedicated to assembling more pixels and finishing quadrants 7 to 9.

On the third day, after a sneak peak and reassuring layout check, I put the quilt top together and spray basted it onto the batting ... and realised just how big the quilt would be.


... to be continued ...

Happy sewing!

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  1. omg wow, I was waiting for an update on your yoshi, and its so great, wish I had my own yoshi now ^^, but first finishing all my projects


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