Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Stash

I already told you about ordering two parcels chock-full of cutesy baby fabrics the other day. Given the usual lengthy stay at Customs I'm not expecting them to arrive any time soon at my doorstep, though. Feeling a need for instant gratification as well as something to touch for the better to plot, and considering that I also had some Christmas money to burn, a trip to my favourite fabric shop in Berlin was in order before our return home. I also bought some necessary notions at another store; machine needles, thread - Yoshi is eating up thread like mad - and 1.5m of batting because I sense a few more cushion covers might get made in the near future and it'll definitely come in handy, then.


I've had an eye on these three prints for ages - the squirrels especially - putting them in and out of shopping baskets, debating to and fro. Finally, I've given and am very very to have done so.

Leaving this shop with only what you've intended to buy is basically impossible, worse than shopping online during sales - and we all know what a feat that is! So onto the cutting table two more cuties - oh, those penguins! - went, and out I stormed to prevent any more impulse purchases.

I settled for 20cm cuts (roughly 1/4 yard) each, not only because they'll be enough to work with, but because I felt 80 per cent sure that I'd make another online order in the evening, so I couldn't possibly blow all my dosh. Researching for what to do with my pretty Kona bundle gift, I came across this lovely, perfectly matching Pearl Cotton Set, and some marked-down fabric, obviously... Not quite the impulse purchase, though. First, I thought about it for a couple of days, and second, I want to do more hand quilting after the Viking baby quilt. Buying the thread was only logical to spur me on!

To top it all/ wrap things up, I then ordered some black and white Kona from German store to realise the egg back detail of the Yoshi quilt in time for the new deadline in late January. Most definitely absolutely necessary.

Gee, that's been an awful lot of hoarding in the past few days, to be sure. Spelling it all out nearly succeeds in making me feel a little bad. Then again it'll last me for a huge amount of time and plenty of projects and I know I won't be shopping much for a while. And I absolutely reject to look at it as defying my resolution of working more from my stash. Because I will. And I never promised to go cold turkey and not add to it...

I'll be back with Yoshi news soon.

Happy sewing!


  1. Ooh I can see why those fabrics jumped into your basket! The squirrels... oh and the penguins! You'd not be a quilter if you were able to resist. ;)

    Whenever I buy more fabric and tell my mum I feel a bit guilty about it, she always replies "But you'll use it, eventually" and I feel much better. So I say to you, my lovely friend, "Don't worry! You'll use it, eventually!" ;)

  2. Lovely, lovely fabrics. Those blues are just gorgeous who could resist, not me!

  3. omg! Those squirrel are so cute! I can see why you just had to add all these pretty blues to your stash. :)


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