Monday, 28 January 2013

Kommando zurück! - As You Were!

After all this time of intermittent internet access and only few posts now and then, you might have been wondering about the recent barrage of posts. Well, it's not due to an improved situation with the providers. Nope, rather it's due to the extended stay in Berlin before and after my exam last Thursday. (I think I did well and it feels good to be done with it all!)

I'd planned a three-day stay when unexpectedly, very much so, and very last minute, too, a letter arrived informing us that a position as teacher trainee has opened up for my husband back in Berlin. We got the news less than two weeks ago and had just one day to consider it before hurriedly taking care of all kinds of organisational things like getting out of his contract and getting his papers to the right people in Berlin. This required me to travel earlier. Further, we were in dire need of finding a new flat - work starts in a week from yesterday and although he can crash at his parents' it's obviously so much nicer to have a proper retreat and home base. This required me to stay longer.

Thanks to my sister and her partner and their dedication and support, I not only had a pretty relaxed stay on their sofa, including a very girly sisters-only weekend, but I should be able to sign the lease for a wonderful apartment in our old neighbourhood tomorrow to move into on the 15th. Fingers crossed I've not jinxed it by telling early!

I've already found movers (already looking much better than last time's, fingers crossed), as well as a phone and internet provider that should get us connected on the day of the move (how splendid does that sound?!  fingers crossed), and I'm taking care of tons of other things like change of address orders etc.

We're moving back up! So so excited for so many reasons, I don't even care that we have only little time to pack everything up. Most must be done the rest of this week when I've returned to our current home and before the hubs leaves. I'll take care of the rest similarly to last time. Thankfully my sister will be joining me once more and a good friend from the UK will be visiting, too, whom I haven't seen since the wedding. (The trip has been planned since December, he couldn't possibly know he'd get himself into the chaos of a move. Ha.)

Fingers crossed for a smooth move and a quick ending to all our provider woes to allow for a speedy return to and finally regular again service on this blog. Ooooh.

I'm quickly approaching my blogiversary, too! Another thing to be excited about.

Happy sewing and speak soon, friends.


  1. This is great news! I hope you have a quick and easy move. :)

  2. Sounds like awesome news! Good luck getting it all done in a short time!


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