Wednesday, 23 January 2013

W.i.P and Instant Gratification

With a big project like Yoshi on your plate you just have to have some instant gratification in between. Here's my assorted collection.

At first I made a little pouch for my sister's Nintendo DS. Great! I got to play with my cute fabric hoardings and had something for her to not feel left out at the big Yoshi reveal.

As the weather turned colder after a mild period and I'd lost my hat before Christmas I had to knit this. Thankfully, I hoarded enough of the colour last year to have two skeins left! I love this pattern and have used it twice before. This time I added a few rows in stockinette to the Windy City Hat pattern so that it'd cover my ears. Two or three too many but it's still fab. (Also, I used 5 mm needles, not 4.5 mm.)


Finally I made two more cushion covers for our sofa. I wasn't in a too good place, emotionally, after our return to Bavaria and wanted something a little less cheerful and a bit more sober to go with that, so thought of these fabrics acquired nearly two years ago. Yep, Kristy, we do use our fabrics, eventually!

My mood has improved a ton since last week and I don't actually consider the cushions uncheerful. I enjoy them a lot!

To give you a clue about new projects on my mind - the lot of orders from the beginning of the year has started to arrive (more in a Stash on Sunday post). I'm glad I picked Kona Sage as extra fabric for my planned Grecian Waters HST quilt. Only I'm not entirely convinced of making it an all solids quilt anymore. The pretty leaves print that came in the same parcel is definitely something to consider throwing into the mix!

Now, without further ado, my revised W.i.P. list.

Finishes - 4
Yoshi quilt - don't miss tomorrow's post!
Pillow covers
DS pouch
Knitted hat

Ongoing Stalled Projects - 2
EPP hexies - 32 finished flowers + tons basted
EPP parallelograms/stars

Planning Stage - 4
Wedding Anniversary quilt
Grecian Waters HST quilt
Quilt for the husband
Tons of baby things

Happy sewing!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Yoshi looks amazing!! And I love the hat.

  2. The DS case is brilliant, but I love Yoshi!!!

  3. Yoshi is amazing.
    The DS case uses super cute fabric.

  4. Yay!! Yoshi!! I made a Yoshi mosaic a few years ago.

    That DS case is fantastic! I never considered making one of those. :O I'm going to go subscribe to your blog now!

  5. Wow, I love your Yoshi quilt! I'm making a Super Mario quilt too, all the 1" squares in mine are doing my head in! :o)

  6. I like to take a break from the big stuff and toss in a little quick project myself too. We really do need that satisfaction. Amazing yoshi.

  7. Yoshi is looking fabulous!! And I do the same thing, smaller projects between the large, otherwise I lose my mind and usually motivation. I love your hat and those cushion covers!


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