Thursday, 24 January 2013

Yoshi 10.0

Starting in the afternoon and with breaks in between, I toiled away on the binding last Thursday and managed to finish all but the final corner in this picture until 11 p.m. My bed called and I called it a day.

Last stitches on a Friday morning.

Yoshi pre-washing.

This is the first time that I didn't pre-treat the fabric for a quilt. I considered it way too much fabric to bother with washing and ironing when I'd have to iron so much during the cutting process. I was somewhat anxious but it all turned out well. The wash didn't kill Yoshi, all seams held up, and Yoshi didn't really shrink that much. If he shrank at all. I didn't measure and it's barely perceptible in the pictures. The creases on the left and right are due to Yoshi drying on a laundry rack.

M was absolutely excited when he got the quilt upon my arrival in Berlin. He got a card for his birthday in early January with pictures of the layout and what I'd already achieved to reveal what he would soon call his own but I'd omitted the egg to keep it a surprise. I made it big enough for a newborn photo session, too. He adores it and my sister loves the idea, too!

Happy sewing!


  1. Fantastic! It is just so impressive! What a great quilt :)

  2. I am completely flabbergasted at how amazing this is, I'm doing some research as Yoshi is my partners favourite Mario character and I wanted to do him a quilt for his birthday in August.


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