Saturday, 29 December 2012

Yoshi 7.0

I thought I'd sum up my Yoshi progress with a little collage.

Friday evening a week ago I felt great about my progress (and still do!) if a little sad that I wouldn't be able to take up my work again until early January when we return home. Definitely stay tuned for more Yoshi in 2013!

These are the pixels (and a few spares) still left to work into rows for my quilt top. I've plain forgotten to snap a picture of those pixels already arranged according to the pattern but not sewn into rows. I'm certainly well prepared for my return!

Another coming attraction: the backing. I've not yet worked on it and will have to backorder some black fabric to make up enough pixels for the Yoshi egg. I've also not yet decided how big I want it to be. The pixels for the quilt top are 7.25cm² (unfinished) but I might want to make them smaller for the egg. Now that I'm going to be an aunt I'm even fonder of the idea of adding it to the quilt! This game inspired quilt will have it's own, if not very hidden, Easter egg.

Happy sewing!

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