Thursday, 13 December 2012

Some Days Have All the Luck, Some Days Have All the Pain

Negative post ahead, I just can't help it right now.

Today sucks. After vomiting in the night and spending it in only light slumber, I tried for the longest time to get my body to work, hoping I could somehow make it to my big appointment today, but had to give in and see a doctor about severe stomach pains, dizziness, and nausea. I think the stress has made my recently diagnosed gastritis and duodenitis flare up like hell. It's incredibly annoying. I was well prepared and didn't even feel all that stressed. I wanted to be done with it so badly, I cried, but there was no way I could have made it through an hour of public transport, four hours of writing my exam, and another hour travelling back. Ten minutes to the doctor were more than enough.

I'm now on meds, have slept for a couple of hours and try to rest some more before leaving Berlin in the evening. I'm still in pain, though it's much better than five hours ago. I'm annoyed with my body. It didn't catch he bug that struck down my sister earlier this week, yay, but still managed to throw a spanner in my plans, meh. I'm annoyed that everything's being delayed until late January now.

On the upside, it could be worse. I didn't have to go to the hospital. I can still travel back home and cuddle up next to my husband. There's love and tons of good in my life outweighing most that's bothering me. Being in pain and being upset will pass. I'd put a cheerful picture somewhere if I weren't so tired.

Thanks to those who kept their fingers crossed for me today. I promise to slow down a little and take care of my health. I'm positive I'll be back with nicer things to share come Christmas.

Speak soon. x


  1. Oh gosh I am so sorry. You must be gutted. Please please please take care of yourself that is the most important thing. Sending big hugs! Cx

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear you are so unwell! How very upsetting to miss your appointment today. But on the positive side - January is not so far off and I'm sure the time will fly. Rest up and I hope you are feeling better very soon!


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