Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Holidays

I'm back. Back in Berlin, back online and back to better health. Thanks so much for your comments and concern. I did take things slow and have recovered nicely.

After my last post I spent a wonderful, relaxing weekend with my husband, my sister, and her partner. Amongst other things we took a leisurely stroll around a handmade Christmas market where we bought delicious marmalade and my sister espied cutesy Christmas tree ornaments. She especially liked the owls, however, didn't really dig the fabrics. Obviously I hatched a plan immediately and rummaged through my stash as soon as they left on Sunday. I came across my Sew Stitchy layer cake which I won in Fiona's giveaway in June. June! Seriously?! Time has hurried along like mad.

I hadn't touched these pretties since making my hexie pouch and a few proved perfect for wintry, not too Christmassy ornaments! I brainstormed with this on my table...

... to finally turn out these.

They're blue and white respectively in back and front. However, I made a third one combining both fabrics.

And it's smaller than the other two... Yep, I'm going to be an aunt come summer. I'm so excited and happy! Can't wait to gift them these little darlings. Here they are all together.

As you might recall most of my time this Monday to Friday was dedicated to the Yoshi quilt project. I'll be posting about my progress in chronological order over the next couple of days - my Christmas present to you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, friends!

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  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better!

    Love the owls - so sweet! Very special to include a little one for the new arrival! How exciting!!


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