Monday, 10 December 2012

Vikings 4.0 - Saying Goodbye (and Hello)

Here’s the promised Viking quilt picture post.

Last time you saw it it looked something like this.

Now, without a gorgeous little baby boy on it, it looks like this.

I badly want to show you the hand quilted details, alas, my camera and the lighting were really bad, so I can only hope that you can make them out properly in the pictures. (I think I'll wish for a new camera for Christmas so you won't have to suffer awful pictures for much longer!)

First, wavy lines in the corners.

Looks much more interesting than before, don't you think?

My good friend Perlendiva suggested that I quilt shields on the squares and echo the waves in the Viking parade print on the orange border. I decided against the waves because I didn’t want to clutter the quilt too much but definitely fell for the shields and quilted four different ones.

Posting the quilt to Finland proved such an ambiguous moment! On the one hand, I was incredibly excited and happy, I love gifting things that took a lot of time and thought. On the other hand, it was tough to part with it. I’d grown so accustomed to seeing it and I feel that it’s my best quilt up to date. To be honest, I still miss it a tiny bit! The hand quilting only made it all the more precious to me. Then again, I know it's being treasured. I can't believe the little one is already 5 weeks old.

Due to time constraints I won’t be gifting handmade this year, but I’m all the more happy to finally start working on my quasi-brother-in-law’s pixelated Yoshi quilt next week. It’ll keep my rotary cutter and sewing machine busy! 

I'm back in Berlin until Thursday evening, having two important appointments. Would you keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow morning between 10 and 11am UTC+1? Cheers.

Have a great week, everybody! 

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  1. I can totally understand that this was difficult to part with! Love the quilted shields, they turned out great. Will be sad not to see these wee vikings popping up from time to time on your blog.

  2. Oh Mareen! I love the quilted shields! What a fantastic idea! Really adds a fantastic touch to the quilt.

    I can definitely understand the mixed feelings on gifting this quilt - it is lovely, but I bet the little one will love it as he grows!

    Hope all goes well with your appointment!

  3. It looks so awesome! I love the hand quilting and I can see how it would be hard to part with :)

  4. That is great! I love your Yoshi quilt, too.


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