Monday, 24 December 2012

Yoshi 2.0

Merry (Yoshi) Christmas!

Last Monday noon, after a trip to the docor for a jab, I finally started the Yoshi quilt. First things first - checking the layout, calculating, recalculating, nibbling on a piece of Advent calendar chocolate.

I decided to tackle the 1020(!) pixels and minimise distortion by dividing the image into nine quadrants. You can ignore most of the numbers because I recalculated a bit after taking the pictures. I settled on adding a row to the left, top, and bottom of the original layout, 30 rows across, 34 rows down. This way I can quilt every two pixels and still have an even grid which I wouldn't have with 31 rows across.

Then it was time to do some serious cutting. I mean seriously serious cutting.

In the end, I my back refused to cut everything in one day, let alone one go. Also, my mind craved to get something "real" done. I needed to see results, not just know I'd made progress.

So, over a cuppa, I arranged rows of pixels to sew up.

Chain-pieced them, assidiously ticking them off my layout for orientation.

Did some ironing. (But only one of these piles. Ironing seams can be as annoying as cutting pixels.)

And finally sewed up the lower left quadrant!

And fell in love. Seeing things come together really makes all the effort worthwhile. After day one I had one quadrant and two pieces of grass with black.

As well as a bunch of unironed pixel strips, a slightly achy back, tons of motivation but also some doubt about the feasibility of finishing this quilt until Friday night.

... to be continued ... 

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas with tons of love!

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