Sunday, 30 September 2012

Skirts on Sunday

*This is a pre-written post as I assume I'm still knackered because of the big move yesterday. trying to be back with a few deets soon.

Two years ago, when the weather turned colder, my eyes got stuck on the cutest Alice in Wonderland print by Kokka whilst window shopping online at one of my favourite brick and mortar shops. I didn't run off to buy it immediately as I wondered whether at 26 I wasn't too old for it. I pondered it a while but once I paid the shop a visit to get some essentials and saw the print in all its beauty I simply couldn't resist any longer and had to buy enough for a skirt.

I love the details. Cheshire cat, Grinsekatze in german, is my husband's pet name for me because of my broad smile and my cat-like trait to need a lot of cuddling but at my own conditions.

I knew that I wanted to try out new things: a) lining so I could easily wear it with tights and b) pockets so I could carry around keys and tissues or whatever can need carrying. I wanted to create a contrast by making the pockets and yoke out of a solid brown but intended to use a fine cotton for a polished look and had already bought brown satin bias tape, too. Alas, for the longest time I couldn't find a brown fabric to go with the brown in the print. In the end I found a linen fabric which went well but made me abandon the bias tape because they'd have clashed.

I went back to my trusty old Burda 8176 but had to adapt the pattern because quilting cottons are narrower than fashion fabrics by quite a margin (44'' rather than 54''). Therefore this skirt has a little less volume. Also I had to make the pocket pattern. Spot the hidden zipper!

I used French seams for a neat look and feel. Lining can be somewhat slippery but once you grow accustomed to it it all works nicely.

After a couple of projects my stitching in the ditch had improved a lot and I could also turn under more fabric of the inside part of the yoke.

With so many other things to focus on I kept the hem simple once more.

And yep, this is what I wore for my sister's Childhood Icons themed birthday party which I mentioned here. I paired it with a teal jumper and a teal satin band in my long red hair and kept an old white bunny plush toy close to me which I'd outfitted with an old pocket watch. Here he is.

The all packed up now and more than 400km away but I'm still wearing it. At 28. Not feeling one bit too old for it. The majority of people don't notice the actual print and I absolutely adore it.

Happy sewing!


  1. I love this! The fabric is fun, but still subtle and grown up.

  2. Such a sweet skirt! Gorgeous fabric!

    Hope that the move went well!!


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