Wednesday, 26 September 2012

W.i.P. - Vikings 3.5

My last post about the Viking baby quilt generated a few questions about the fabric and I thought you might like a few more deets about my quilt, measurements and the like. With the move being in full force and me being out of sewing time and machine it's also a good 'filler' while I'm away doing more 'important' if less fun things. (This move is doing me in, friends.)

The fabric collection is an organic cotton one by Timeless Treasures, simply called Vikings. It contains three Viking prints, the cute world map, the fish and four differently coloured crosshatch prints. I only used two of the latter.

Yardage I ordered for this quilt

0.5 yard Blue Fish (8 squares, 4 long strips, 2 short strips)
0.5 yard Tossed Vikings Navy (6 fussy cut squares)
0.5 yard Vikings on Boat (6 fussy cut squares)
1 yard Map (basically on large square)
1 yard Vikings Stripe (4 strips)
1 yard Crosshatch Sea (6 uni  squares, 2 squares for regular HSTs, 1 square for HSTs to match Viking borders, binding)
1 yard Crosshatch Sea (4 uni squares, 8 long strips)

I cut more squares of everything than indicated in the brackets to have something to play with yet I still have quite a few leftovers of the Viking prints. (I see bibs in the future?) Same goes for the Vikings Stripe print but for a different reason. The print runs vertically on the fabric and I wanted to have continuous borders rather than pieced ones.

Measurements of design elements

My piecing isn't 100% accurate but I'm giving you the aimed for measurements in centimetres, centimetres because that's what I worked with and do work with most of the time. Being European and all and still needing to buy a ruler measuring inches. (I really should!) Yep, means I have to calculate tons all the time on top of the regular calculating.

Simple Squares and HSTs - 10 cm finished
Fish border - width is 4 cm finished, length depends on your piecing
Fish strips to fill in gap in cross element - 20 cm x 5 cm finished
Viking Border - 10 cm x 67 cm finished
Orange Border - 5 cm finished
Map - 67 cm x 67 cm
Blue Binding - 12 cm (6cm folded)

Best don't rely on my measurements, especially if you're re-calculating to work in inches, but start with your squares to make up the big square and go from there attaching borders and strips as needed. You can work with longer strips and cut them to size after attaching them. Helps to keep things square, I feel.

Stats for the Week

The Move - 85 per cent or thereabouts
35 packed moving boxes, two disassembled closets, several disassembled shelves, a defrosted fridge/freezer, all washing
only a few things left to pack until Saturday, then to paint a few walls

Ongoing Projects - 4
Viking Baby quilt -  machine quilting finished
EPP hexies - 29 finished flowers
Polaroid blocks Tote
EPP parallelograms/stars

Planning Stage - 3
Chair cushions for my sister - ordered yardage
Yoshi quilt- some yardage has already made it into the moving boxes
Wedding Anniversary quilt

Happy sewing!


  1. It is really such a cute quilt! You must be looking forward to finishing it.

    Yay for being that bit closer to the big move! How nice it'll be to unpack and settle in.

  2. I've told you this before, but I REALLY REALLY love your wee vikings! They are SOOOO cool and make such a great quilt!

  3. Fabulous Vikings! Only 15% to go, almost there and you can unpack all those boxes again!


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