Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fresh Sewing Day + Small Blog Meet

Lily's quilts 

Another busy month has gone by and here is my first project mosaic ever featuring this month's finishes and two projects that I'll continue to work upon, my hexies and the Viking baby quilt.

We've just started flat hunting (gah) and yesterday I had my sister over to rummage through my closet and rigorously get rid of anything too worn out/not worn in years. It certainly went well - one bag to donate, one bag to give to a stitchy friend, two bags for the trash = lots of space gained! 

Further, I've realised that there are plenty of me-made skirts that none of you have seen before which I can post about when the going gets rough and my spare time has been annihilated and I've got nothing new to show. Yay!

Btw, my sister loves her Kirby. Tons. All her friends and her boyfriend have been admiring him and the latter has displayed some jealousy. So I'm already plotting to make him his own pixellated present - only much bigger! Yep, I'm set to make him a Yoshi quilt for his January birthday. Once more really planning ahead here, but I like that the time frame will give me plenty of time to move and settle into my new surroundings. What are you up to?

Happy sewing!

Also linking up to the Small Blog Meet.

Lily's Quilts


  1. Neat purses and congratulations on your first mosaic. Good luck with the flat hunting too.

  2. hi, I found you through Lynne's blog meetup. Love your Melody Miller typewriter zip-pouch and your pixel-cushion. I am still to work out the mysteries of mosaic-making - yours looks awesome!! Good luck with your hexies - I'm slowly working on a HexyMF but am only 16 flowers in ... see you, Cat

  3. Hi from the new batch of Small Group Meet at Lily's Quilts! It looks like congratulations are in order also? Beautiful dress, beautiful ring!

  4. I really like the clutch you made and the like zipper pouches.

  5. Fab first mosaic! Those pouches are lovely. Good luck with the flat hunting.

  6. Great job this month; sending you a interweb pat on the back!

  7. Love the dress! Very well done! Best of luck on the Yoshi and flat hunting too!

  8. Beautiful projects -- I especially love that typewriter pouch!

  9. Lovely projects! Love that the Kirby cushion was such a hit you now have to make a Yoshi to go with it! Don't you love when your sewing projects are so appreciated!


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