Sunday, 16 September 2012

Skirts on Sunday

Husbandless since Wednesday afternoon. *sniff*

To take my mind off being alone and without cuddles and as promised, here's my second skirt. I'd started this on the side during my class because it was sooo exciting to make something. I used to think that I was more into muted colours and definitely not into bold prints. However, I was drawn to this print when I saw it on the bolt and haven't regretted buying it for a second. I've been wearing this skirt plenty for the past three summers, mostly with plain black tanks, shirts or spaghetti tops.

It was made from the same Burda pattern (8176) as my first skirt, although I made it a smidgen shorter. Together with the print it's much flirtier than the other one. It taught me how your fabric choice influences the vibe of a pattern.

The hidden zipper looks much better. I think I took the seam ripper to it about three times to make sure the yoke seams lined up and the zip would be hidden enough. My stitching in the ditch also got better.

For my seam finishes I stuck to zig-zag stitching.

Rather than having another go at bias tape, I chose one of the two fancy stitches my machine comes with. I simply folded the hem under and the stitching holds it all together perfectly.

Both skirts sit comfortably on my hip and the flare works like a charm to make it look a little wider making my V-silhouette a bit more like an hourglass.

Happy sewing!


  1. the last time you posted the pic with all you skirts I thought that I've seen a fabric I've also in my closet :-) And I was right! I've a 50ies dress out of the same fabric :-)) And I really love this fabric because it looks so much like summer!
    I really like your skirt!

  2. Nicely hemmed. Great fabric choice. You are doing well without youR sewing machine andr husband - how long will he be away?


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