Thursday, 27 November 2014

Winter Baby Girl Quilt #9 - Assembling the Top

So I did it, I made a new snowflake using Shape Moth's beautiful paper pieced "Snow Cristal". This time around I avoided the mistake of cutting away my seam allowance and I made the block so much prettier, too, by using different fabrics for the different tiers. I still like the idea of a white snowflake against a dark background but it simply wasn't working for this particular quilt.

Just look at the difference a proper seam allowance makes! The new block is lying all flat and wrinkle-free.

This block has given me a huge boost and I've finally decided on my layout. Not only that, I've even started assembling the top as evidenced by our bed.

Time for a break now because the bump is getting in the way and demands a period of rest but I'm sure to sew up at least another column today. Whoop whoop.

Evening update:

Happy sewing!


  1. These blocks are all so beautiful! This quilt will be treasured for years to come :)

  2. Nice!! I have yet to make quilts for any of my children and they are almost 5 (daughter), 2 1/2 (son), and expected in late May. I have a quilt top started for my daughter, and I figure I'll work down from there :) It's so wonderful that you're creating a quilt for your babe. It will surely be cherished!


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