Friday, 14 November 2014

Cushion Quick Fix

With all those wonderful but time consuming stars and snowflakes I needed a quick fix and decided to wing this into a front block for a cushion. I'll definitely buy the pattern if I decide to make more so I won't have to fret about math, cutting and adjusting in the future.Yesterday I just made it up as I went, same as I do with the stars and snowflakes.

The pillow will become my nephew's Christmas present. He keeps on stealing his mum's Kirby cushion and I think he deserves one of his own. Yay, that's one me-made Christmas present this year (excluding the guest in my womb). It'll be completed with a quick envelope back and some simple quilting. Nothing fancy, just a satisfying quick fix which, I dare say, is terribly cute.

Happy sewing!

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