Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter Baby Girl Quilt #3 - Seeing Stars

The joys of pre-baby maternity leave - I've got lots of time to sew and you get tons of eye candy and regular blog posts - enjoy it while it lasts *wink*.

Here are two stars with a stained glass window effect that I started yesterday and finished today. Gee, I love love love them. And to think that it always starts with tiny strips of fabric nowhere close in effect.

The big one isn't one hundred per cent perfect and it's entirely my fault for hypercorrecting with the roll cutter during the sewing process. (Btw, I got a new blade in the mail today - it's always such a dream to cut with a new blade, isn't it?) I was more relaxed when assembling the smaller star and wouldn't you believe that it's ever so neat! This makes me especially proud as I didn't paper piece them.

I'm collecting quite the wonderful selection of stars here and am terribly fond of them. But, methinks, I might throw in something else. What do you reckon, wouldn't one or two snowflakes go perfectly with them? Either blocks or quilted, or both? I'm off to have a look for patterns to see whether I'll go for it.

Happy sewing and have a great week!


  1. Beautiful is the word that comes to mind when I see what you are putting together there. It's a cutie and a snowflake would only add to its charm !~! Go for it and enjoy the process. Napping is such sweet bliss, isn't it ?~!

  2. Ii had very similar plans to yours for my pre baby maternity leave. They were thwarted by a two year old who decided that a trip to hospital was a better idea :0( so I didn't get to make any blocks, not that they would have been half as good as yours anyway. Your baby is going to be one lucky girl x

    Enjoy the time that you have now because before you know it you'll be feeding at 4:00am and catching up with your blog reading ;0) (I haven't touched my sewing machine since I decided my contractions were getting a little close together and maybe I should make my way to the hospital!


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