Thursday, 20 November 2014

Winter Baby Girl Quilt #6 - More Snowflakes

I should have cut the triangles with a proper seam allowance as Joanna clearly writes in her tutorial - silly me for not reading it and simply plunging in. Though I'll certainly not repeat that mistake! Piecing the halves together was hell and it's a tiny bit puckery now when it was all so accurate due to actually paper piecing the block - and I'm a bit scared whether it'll hold up with such a small allowance - 3 mm?

In the quilt or out of the quilt? We'll see. I'm piecing two more star blocks and then I should be done and able to piece my top and back. Maybe I'll just make a new big snowflake and keep this one as a reminder to work slowly now and then.

Happy sewing!

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