Sunday, 28 October 2012

Skirts on Sunday

For my birthday last year my husband gave me a generous 50€ gift card to one of my favourite fabric shops in Berlin. I saved it up for a while but burnt it all on summery fashion fabrics to enhance my skirt closet. With my superior, cough, math skills I managed to buy fabric for three skirts and even squeezed matching thread out of my gift card.

One awesome thing about fashion fabrics is their width of usually 140 cm/ 55 inches. If you're making knee-length, gathered skirts out of a non-directional print one metre will serve you more than well because you can cut up the fabric vertically into two 1 metre x 70 cm panels. But 80 cm or 32 inches were actually enough for me to create a nicely gathered skirt for my 40 inch hip. The difference can easily be used for a yoke.

The first skirt I made was a simple elasticated one, no yoke, out of an adorable brown floral.

It's simple enough to work with two rectangles and tutorials for this style abound on the net. It is slightly trickier to find just the right width for the encasing. If it's too wide you elastic will be all loose and twist a lot. If it's too tight it bunches up - if you get it all the way through, that is.

With this skirt my encasing was too wide, so it tends to twist a lot. It's manageable, however, if you sew down your fabric in the seams. That way you also ensure that the same amount of fabric (and gathers) will be in the back and front without you having to check up on that everytime. Also, there are better ways to finish an encasing than making a bulky seam. I've learned that by now.

My standard French seams.

A simple hem to finish a simple skirt.

I'll be back next week with the second gift card skirt.

Happy sewing!

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