Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Day

I'm aware that today isn't an official holiday for most people, but is is in these parts. Before any envy finds time to creep into your hearts, though...despite the holiday and the oh so tempting sunshine I confined myself and tried my best to get some work done in the morning and over noon as I did on all of Monday when many others were enjoying a so-called Brückentag (literally bridge day.) We don't have bank holidays but when a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, like Ascension Day, for instance, we often get a long four-day weekend. Alas, I didn't and couldn't really set work aside entirely today, either, so it was only later in the afternoon that I was allowed some play time.

I really shouldn't complain too much here, though, as the holiday meant I got to play with my machine on a weekday at all. Usually that kind of fun is restricted to the weekends or I'd never get any work done - I'm convinced of that. Hand sewing to wind down in the evening is allowed, maybe a little knitting, but no more. Only exception: December present finishing mania. Of course.

Initially I'd set the afternoon down to tackling the quilting on the toddler quilt which I'd managed to get half done on Saturday noon before dedicating the rest of the incredibly sunny and warm weekend to a visit by my gran. Initially.. I just had to start a new project first to get myself motivated properly. Can you guess what I'll be making? I first saw these popping up maybe two weeks ago and knew instantly that they'd have to go on my to-do list.


After cutting these pieces I finally went back to my quilting. Working psychological tricks on myself! You see, I have to finish the quilting in order to be able to piece these. Sometimes I simply cannot be bothered to change my thread all the time to work on different projects at the same time (wouldn't a second machine be great in these situations?), so I need a little push to get one done so I can tackle the next. ;)

Anyway, right now the quilting is nearly done, lacking only a few more diagonals. Friday evening or Saturday morning I can attach the binding to the top and my machine will be free to embark on my latest project. You will excuse me now, I`m off for a little telly and the last bit of hand sewing on the baby quilt. 

Hope you had a good day wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

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