Sunday, 6 May 2012

Finish Line: Quilt Edition

They're finally done!
These quilts have been taking up most of my sewing hours for quite some time, comprising all in all about 37.5 hours of work, nearly 12 hours of which went into sewing the binding by hand, but they're finally taking a last spin in the washing machine before I can send them to their new owners. I hope the boys will be happy, well the bigger one at least, the baby brother, I guess, is more taken up with a cuddle, eat, sleep, repeat routine.

Last weekend I had high-flying dreams about a picture session outside. Our apartment block has a pretty nice courtyard with a big oak on a huge square of grass which looked just perfect amongst tons of sunshine and with dozens and dozens of dandelions in full bloom. Unfortunately, this weekend the dandelions already have seed heads. Now, this could make for a pretty backdrop, too, alas, the temperatures have dropped significantly and the days are cloudy-grey, cold, and generally uninviting. So I reverted to taking snaps on the balcony and inside. Can't have the weather spoil all the fun, right?

Warning: indulgence in not quite perfect pictures.

That's it for today. Work is calling me. Alas.

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