Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Snap Attack

These came together really quickly and I made two of each apart from the squirrel which I fussy-cut from a Little Apples 5'' charm. Now I'm trying to decide what exactly to use them for. Yeah, admittedly I got a bit carried away once I saw the Polaroids popping up on a couple of blogs. I do sometimes. A few Dresden Plates, for instance, are still waiting for their right place. Thing is, I knew instantly who to make them for and sometimes that's all you need and the rest will follow. And one Dresden has found a lovely place! Right? Right.

At the moment I'm in favour of a pillowcase as the intended (and photographically pretty talented) couple is still using their me-made Christmas decoration pillows because they like them so much. However, I'm also leaning towards making something like a pouch or tote. Probably no tote as no sane photographer will log around expensive equipment in a simple tote. They carry too much of that often also quite heavy stuff and prefer backpacks. So maybe a zippered pouch after all. For something.

One thing I would love to get some input on is the colour that will have to work as a background to pull all of these pics together. I'm drawn to red or black as both colours go well with their red sofa. Black would be nice in a slide show kind of way but could easily look too dark? Whereas red is a safe option not only with them but also because it occurs in some of the snapshots. Then again I should possibly risk mixing things up? What do you think?

I'll be linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesday.


  1. Love these! The polaroid blocks are so cute. I like the fussy-cut squirrel.

    I think I'd probably go with a black background to make the little snaps really stand out. Or go with two cushions, one black, one red and cover all your bases! ;)

  2. Love these blocks, the polaroids look so cool. The yellow bird print is one of my favourites.

  3. Great blocks!
    How about a charcoal background? Not quite as harsh as black, but it still makes the colours zing!

  4. Love your Heather Ross fussy cut blocks. You should make your pictures "large" in your post so they'll show up bigger.

  5. I think a polaroid tote to carry photography equipment in is ideal for these lovely blocks.


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