Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Stash

Whoa, has it really been a week and a half since I last blogged? That was an unplanned absence on my part but here I am resurfacing just in time for Sunday Stash. My intern ended on Friday - so weird to say goodbye to the colleagues! - and whilst I wrapped up all my tasks in the daytime I spent most of my late afternoons and evenings meeting the sis and nephew as well as scouring job portals, writing cover letters and taking new photographs to be included in my job applications. Let's see where life takes me next.

Down project completion road is a serious short term goal and not incredibly unlikely, either. Need evidence? Yesterday a much anticipated parcel from the UK arrived.

My sister helped me to pick a colour for the solid stripes down the sides of my anniversary quilt. Thanks for everybody's input on my horizontal / vertical dilemma! I think I can officially let the cat out of the bag and announce that I decided to stick with horizontal layout. Back onto the solid - I had considered going down the light aqua or grey route which are both dominant in the quilt but my sister gave me the excellent piece of advice to go with the less prominent navy.

She had some really good reasons to sway me in an instant.

1) It'll look more interesting and dramatic to pick up the less prominent colour.

2) It'll add a masculine touch to the overall more subdued look which will appeal to my husband.

What a clever sis, eh? She should take up sewing or something. Well, a couple for days later I'm about to chop up 7 metres of dark navy Klona cotton.

During the ordering process this Jeni Baker print easily sneaked into my shopping basket and is the real stash acquisition. I don't have an immediate project for it but it'll make an excellent baby quilt back if I ever get to make one for a girl. It's 3:1 in my really close circle of friends from uni and family so far. I'm curious to know what the the next two expecting sets of friends are cooking and how it will impact this statistic.

Now, hop on over to Fiona and take a look at everyone else's pretties. I know I will.

Happy sewing!


  1. Das sind ja traumhafte Stöffchen die du da hast.
    LG Marie

  2. Oooh I love the navy with those fabrics! I made my brother a navy quilt this year (with aquas and greys), he loves it--definitely a guy pleaser :-)

  3. Love that Nordika print for a baby quilt backing.

  4. Your sister is totally right, that navy looks great! I love the print too

  5. ooo can't wait to see the quilt!!! And I have been loving that nordika print, but so far I have resisted....You are making it more difficult :-p


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