Sunday, 5 May 2013

This Weekend in Sewing & Sunday Stash

Enough half square triangles for four more Fish & HSTs blocks and some very important and much needed acquisitions. (Well, and some extra fabric.) Very important because I was running out of thread and because I've got major plans with these.

After much pondering I've decided that I want to make another Nanette Tote with one of my lovely Ink & Spindle acquisitions for the exterior and the Amy Butler Martini for the lining. I can't, however, decide whether to pick charcoal or black for the contrasting top and straps.

The difference has proved pretty impossible to photograph...

Overall, not a lot of progress on projects but progress nevertheless. Actually, I'm stunned I got any sewing and sewing-related things done at all, I've been so busy soaking up the sun, reading, and generally upping the offline time these past days. It's so beautiful outside. I'll try to catch up with again your blogs.

Happy sewing!


  1. OH good for you! It is unseasonably cold here and going to rain for DAYS... I so miss the sunshine!

  2. My my my, I can't believe there are only enough HSTs for FOUR fish blocks in those hefty piles!! Well done, my patient friend ;)

  3. enjoy realxing in the Spring sunshine.

  4. I really like the red and navy fabrics you have together in the first photograph! Keep enjoying the nice weather while it's there :)


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