Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Stash

Well well, it's Sunday again and time for another - quick - look at fabric from that recent large order.

You might have spotted these on Wednesday amongst my baby quilt squares. Love the woodpeckers in the birches though you can see only part of one in this picture.

I also ordered half a yard of this funky knit for a body or tee. My sister has decided on a monster theme for the nursery but I think dinosaurs are fair game, too.

Happy sewing!

Linking up Fiona's Sunday Stash, this time at Sew Happily Ever After. Let's see everybody's beauties!


  1. The dinos are great! I heart that fabric for sure.

  2. Those Backyard Baby Birch Trees have been a favorite of mine for so long, but I have yet to buy any. But since you have some, maybe I should, too!!

  3. stopping by for the cuteness.....have a great sewing week.....

  4. O yes I love those trees too...they do not grow in Australia.


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