Sunday, 25 November 2012

Birthday Present

I didn't arrive empty handed at my sister's but brought along the chair cushions we'd been planning for quite a while. She wanted them to work with the colours in her kitchen, a yellow wall and the green tablerunners on her lovely brown table. So we picked Kona Lime and Canary using the colour card.

Here are the results on one of my chairs.

We'd bought cheap foam cushions from Ikea before I moved and I took only one of them with me for reference, which is why you only see one proper finish in this picture. I sewed the others shut in Berlin. Here's a better look at the cushion.

No picture of all of them in their whole glory in their new environment because I'm lazy, sorry, and want to enjoy breakfast with my loved ones before catching my train in four hours time.

I'll be back, promised!

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