Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kirby's Adventure in My Living/Sewing Room (3)

Last night we left Kirby looking like this.

Ten seams and some severe pressing later he's finally himself again.

Can I get a hooray? It's quite a way (and size) from this.

 And yep, he is slightly wonky which is best witnessed in this shot of the wrong side.

Single strips evidently weren't a great idea after all. I don't really mind though. I keep on carrying it over to the fiancé shouting "KIRBYYY!! KIRBYYY!!". Yes, I'm in love. Not sure I can keep this secret from my sis until her birthday in November. That's an awful lot time to keep secret what you're excited about and I think this will be finished in two weeks the latest if my sewing time allows.

As for the wonkiness, I've got a cunning plan (cool points if you know what I'm referencing!). Haha, nah, not really cunning. I guess I'll just square it up again and don't care about the cut pixels. Or I'll add angled borders and increase the size to 50cm² rather than the aimed at 40cm²

Look here if you've missed Part 1 and/or Part 2.

I'm off to finally sew up the second toile of my hen night dress. Happy sewing!


  1. Oh this looks so cute! I didn't notice any wonkiness. You've done such a great job on it!

  2. Wow, really cute, any plans for items to make for your own kids one day? Kids would love these!

    1. Thank you! No specific plans, yet, but I'm sure I'll make them quilts and cushion covers and skirts for girls.. for as long as they're not embarassed by it (and mabye a little longer, haha). :)

  3. This is amazing! I love it!

  4. Oh, you've done him already!! SO CUTE!! :D


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