Sunday, 25 March 2012

The One In Which I've Survived the Curtains

I did it! The curtains are finally finished and ready to be delivered to my sister this afternoon. After hemming them, I treated them to a wash in the machine and hung them in my living room windows to dry over night. They looked seriously wrinkled. Nothing unusual, really, but as my sister does not have an iron (she despises ironing more than I do), I foresaw scenarios of me washing and ironing these pretties in the future. Ha! In the morning they did look fab, though, nearly wrinkle-free. Yay! I ironed them one last time and now they're a nice and heavy(!) parcel. Eight yards of curtains.

Hopefully she'll have curtain rods soon because I really want to see how they look in their new environment and take a couple of pictures, too. An unexpected bonus of all the stress with the curtains - it gave me incentive to clean my windows and wash my curtains. Spring, here I come. :)

On the knitting front, I finished the Owlie Sleep Sack and Hat by weaving in the ends on Friday night whilst watching some TV. They're soooo tiny, especially the hat, it's difficult to imagine an actual baby in them. ;)

Given that I still had some wool left and differently coloured remnants of the same in my stash, I tried to knit up a striped hat last evening. It was half finished when I realised that I'd made a mistake in my row count so I unravelled it to start all over again. The hat was three fourths done when I messed up a colour change in a decrease row. Whilst attempting to fix it, I lost a couple of stitches which couldn't be salvaged. So, once more, I unravelled the whole thing and went to bed. Annoying, sure, but in retrospect I'm glad. It was my first attempt at knitting with different colours and the bit with the changes didn't look particularly good despite my attempt to use the jogless jog method (or because of it?). The Pattern's short cut of not carrying the second yarn all the way with me didn't help the looks, either, I think. Therefore, I'll take it as a lesson to do a bit more research before my next attempt and not just jump into things. :)

As there's still some left of my weekend, I'll see what I can come up with to do post-lunch. How was yours?


  1. What a lucky sister. The curtains look lovely So nice you didn't have to spend hours ironing. And your Owlie sack is adorable! Take care. Deb.


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