Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Grecian Waters HSTs - Return of a WIP

Does this picture remind you of an old project of mine?

Well, if it does, you sure aren't wrong. In late winter 2012 I started my first (and so far only) all solids quilt with a FQ bundle in my favourite colours that I'd got for Christmas. In a sewing frenzy I managed to finish the HST top just in time to enter it in the Emerald Quilt Challenge at a²(w), top only category, and placed second. Whooo, that was so exciting.

My plans for finishing this beauty included lots of handquilting with blue and aqua threads and, unfortunately, an utter indecisiveness whether I liked the size as it is -  approx. 1,42 m x 1,86 m (56'' x 73'') - or would prefer adding a border to make it bigger, especially wider. So I got sidetracked. For a long long time.

Now, however, is the time to revive this WIP, all due to a lovely project by Molli Sparkles. Back in the day I'd considered adding a border in Kona Sage, thus picking up the "dominant" colour in the top, the one of the hearts. Molli's squares and prepped fabrics have altered my mind, though. I've fallen heavily for the teal/lilac combo and am determined to choose a solid from the purple spectrum to add some spark and unexpected warmth which will contrast with the cooler aquas and greens. Im thinking about 20 to 25 cm each side to bring the quilt to a snuggly 1,80 m x 2,20 m (71'' x 86,6''). I think a purple colour will also make for a great backing to which I could add single leftover HST blocks.

So much for inspiration and excited plans. But which colour will it be? I'm drawn to a darker tone such as Berry, Hibiscus, or Eggplant to play up the contrast but have trouble making up my mind. Haha. Let's hope this doesn't turn into a stashed-away WIP again so soon after its resuscitation.

Happy sewing!


  1. Go for something nice and rich - it is going to look wonderful :-)

  2. Just looking at the card atop your quilt, my eye is drawn to the dark violet. But it's so hard to know without having more than a teeny tiny swatch!

  3. The top looks so good - it will feel great to push through and see this one finished. Maybe you need to buy fabric in several colours and lay them along side the top you have to see what works best. It's so hard to choose colours using only a little. You could work some of the left over contenders into the back perhaps.

  4. ooh! yummy! I love the brave direction this is going in!! Keep it up, we cant wait to see it!!

  5. Stunning, reminds me of the sea and sea glass, all good watery things I guess.

  6. oh I remember your top and I still think is beautiful :)

  7. Oh I love this quilt!!! Such amazing colors.
    Looking forward to see what you choose!


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