Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Stitching & Haberdashery / Yardage Woes

Considering how much I love wearing my hen night dress and how much I enjoy a quick rewarding sewing fix, I decided to give the Jamie dress pattern another go. Out came the pins for a few more alterations. Sides, armholes, back..

After manipulating the pattern pieces accordingly I spent yesterday afternoon cutting and sewing. This morning I attached the skirt and wanted to insert the zipper when I realised that even though I'd bought a zipper in the perfect shade, alas, it was a regular one. I prefer to use invisible zippers for clothing. I'm not a fan of exposed ones, even slightly. So at 10 a.m. I had to put my pretty away unfinished. Sob.

Not one short of projects I didn't grumble for long, though, and out came the Echo strips for some (tedious) layout fun on our bed.

I really really like this layout of alternating wide and narrow strips. Alas, I don't have enough wide strips to make it perfectly symmetrical! I'd need another 4'' WOF or a fat quarter of seven prints to achieve that. And you know it's pretty much impossible to get hold of. Let alone all in one place, quick and cheap.. which a quick google search only confirmed..

Argh. Now, am I biting the bullet and keep it like this with five rows wide and narrow each? Or do I cut one column of wide strips into two narrow ones (marginally narrower than the actual narrow column) to frame the whole quilt? Or do I add a row of scrappy vertical strips to the right hand side of the quilt? I can't just scrap a wide row because I need the overall width. Argh, zum Mäusemelken..

I've decided to not let this annoy me too much right now and will start stitching anyway. It'll all fall into place eventually. Somehow.

Happy Sunday and happy sewing!


  1. What cute dresses!! And that quilt is going to be awesome, regardless of what you do with it! Both photos are so neat, makes me wish I had snatched up some more Echo!

  2. Love the placement you've used on your echo! What a pain to be a teeny bit short. ...I'm sure you'll work it out though. I love lotta's prints -I really should get some before they all disappear!

  3. well I don't know what the best fix option is, but oh man do I love that quilt! And the dress is beautiful as well :)

  4. Argh! I hate that too. I usually start projects months and months after a line has released and running into not having enough fabric is never fun when you can't find it anymore. I have lots of Echo in my stash and I wish I could send you some, but I seemed to have grabbed all the warm prints and none of the lovely blues and grays you have.

  5. Wow! You're busy indeed! I hate it when I run into decision like that. Often though - they turn out to be 'art happens' moments. Maybe you'll end up doing something you'd never consider if you didn't go down this road. I think it is pretty fantastic and you can't go wrong with any decision. :)