Friday, 14 June 2013

Don't Sew Tired

Wednesday evening I tried to sneak in some much needed sewing. Needed to relax and needed to make progress with my nephew's quilt. My body was willing but my mind was a little absent. See what I did there? Such a rookie mistake and noticed after having sewn all around the blocks. Don't sew when tired.

No, seriously. Don't. Or you'll make the same mistake again when trying to fix it!

In the end I cut along the lines of tiny stitches and made use of the resulting scraps. Thankfully it all worked out. I'm running short on the Seaside print and time to reorder.

After ironing them and trimming off dog ears I called it a day and fell asleep over some sitcoms on the telly. I'd planned to sew them into a block with my paper pieced "N" on the following evening. And didn't. Because I paid a visit at the hospital.

Yep, my gorgeous nephew totally ignored my quilt progress (or slight lack thereof) and entered the world on Thursday morning. He's beautiful and tiny and fits right into my arms. Did I mention he's beautiful? Off to see him again in a bit before a short trip home to visit the new grandparents with my husband.

We'll all drive back to Berlin on Sunday so they can meet the darling boy, too, and we'll have some precious family time. N's totally screwed up my short holiday plans - I'd planned to stay with my parents until Monday - but I can't be mad at him and I all I want to do now is lock myself in and sew away until I've finished this quilt. Which is exactly what I'll do on Sunday evening and Monday. With a little luck it could be done by the time he arrives home, probably Wednesday, because I'm off work Monday to Wednesday.

Happy weekend and happy sewing everybody!


  1. Being an auntie is brilliant isn't it? I have a niece already (thanks to my sister in law) and will be getting my first nephew in around six weeks! I'm so excited to have a boy in the family x

  2. Congratulations! To you and your family ;) What exciting news. And, as I'm sure you'll figure out, this is but the first of many curveballs that'l little N will throw at you!

  3. lol, everytime I try to work through the sleepies I end up with a mess. This is very good advice that I should pay close attention to! :)

    Congrats on the baby! That's very exciting business!

  4. That is exactly why I got nothing done today, I was too tired and knew it would end in disaster. Yay for nephews though! As it turns out, they are always on their own schedules :)

  5. So sew true! Congrats on being a new auntie! Before you know it that little one will be towering over you!

  6. Congratulations Aunty! How lovely to have your little nephew here safe and sound. Shame he didn't pay attention to your to-do list first ;)

  7. Doh! I've done that too with the triangle paper. I agree, sewing when tired never bodes well. ;) Congrats on the arrival of your nephew!

  8. That's an interesting method of sewing HST. I must look that up!


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