Saturday, 8 June 2013

N Is for Nephew and Love

Today I bit the bullet and made my first paper pieced something. An important something, too. Ready to be framed by HSTs. So proud, it's bordering on ridiculous. And Kristy, I think I can finally relate to your paper piecing craze and I'm finally ready to tackle what should've become my husband's birthday present. Now if only I'd find the time...

Yeah, technically the HSTs in my latest blocks have been paper pieced, too. But that didn't require any thinking or actual construction. And yeah, that wonderful "N" wasn't achieved instantly. My first attempt looked like this - had to make a better one to do the quilt justice in its neatness, tininess and cuteness. All of which will surely apply to my nephew, too. *wink* The perfect block above is 3,44'' square, the "N" only 1,77" square.

I've started sashing and assembling my blocks with cornerstones as well.

So much closer to finishing the top! Right, with that I'm off to prepare HSTs for the centre block before going out for some much needed dancing.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and happy sewing, friends!

Oh, and I can link up with Kristy's new Paper Piecing Party for the very first time, too! Whoop whoop!

Paper Piecing Party


  1. Woohoo! Well done you for tackling paper piecing - and on such a tiny scale! It looks fabulous!

    Love how the quilt is coming together!

  2. It does look amazing!! I've been making for a new nephew today but he hasn't got a paper pieced letter - next time!

  3. Love letters, so let's see the next ones ;-) ,,,, and the Top Looks so great!

  4. Yay, well done completing your first bit of paper piecing... can't wait to see what you try next :-)

  5. Your fishies are looking happy together, and your N is perfect! Great work!

  6. The colours are beautiful. Congrats on the paper piecing, now you're hooked :-)


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