Sunday, 10 June 2012

Quick Update

Not really much to report on the sewing front but considering the amount of positive feedback these have got so far, I thought I'd keep you updated nonetheless. I've finally appliqued the Dresdens to the pillow fronts.

Appliqueing the middle one was a bit of a pain because the dark print and the solid are so close in colour and I was working by artificial light late in the evening. Forced me to go very slowly.

Anyhow, do you have a favourite? The fiancé has uttered preferences which are reflected by the order of the photographs. Looks like we'll keep the sunflower. The other two, I'm considering to maybe sell one and give the other up to adoption to one of you. Final decisions won't be made before all five pillows are completed, though.

And to you, I turn, being stuck on the HSTs pillows.

I'm fretting how to quilt them. Echoing the diagonal seams with straight lines for some reason doesn't appeal to me but stitching in the ditch appears slightly too boring. Further, I'm not ready to try FMQ with them. Some project less dear to me will have to serve as a first.

Do you reckon it'd look good if I opted for triangles? What I've got in mind specifically is to echo the triangle shape of the dark brown and dark yellow triangles about 1 cm inside of the seams. Maybe once, maybe with two rows less than 1 cm apart. Can you see that work? I don't want to quilt the border because it's already rather busy with the irregular grid print.

Looking forward to your take on things!
Will be linking up to W.i.P. Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. I like the first and the third dresdens, its close but I think the first one is my favourite!

    Sorry no quilting advice from here but look forward to seeing what you decide...

  2. Oh your sunflowers are lovely!! I especially love the first one! With the HST project, you would quilt in a grid to sort of echo (oops!) the grid of the border- just vertically and horizontally 1/4 " either side of the those seams?

  3. Such a nice use of Echo! I can well picture your quilting suggestion, maybe even by hand with embroidery floss?

  4. The sunflower is my favorite too.

  5. I love your pillows! The yellow is my fave too. As for the HST's... I'd densely quilt them (lines about 1/4" apart) on the diagonal... but that's just me. It would give it a great texture.

    But don't be afraid to try FMQ... it's not too bad to try! :)

  6. I think that quilting would work, quilting inside the triangles. I think it would look really cool. Also, I think I like the third pillow the most actually, although let's be honest, all those echo dresdens are beautiful :)

  7. Wow! I love your work. I'm seriously drooling over here! : )


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