Sunday, 1 April 2012

WIP - Baby and Toddler Quilts

Pretty much no sewing took place this weekend. Disappointing? Not really because I had a great birthday party on Friday which included quality time with wonderful friends, amazing presents (many sewing related), tons of tasty food, and some rocking karaoke. Saturday was spent lazing about, although I managed to squeeze some fabric shopping and washing into that. A gift card for my favourite shop convinced me to brave the awful weather and I needed to buy batting for the quilts, anyways. Yes, I spent my birthday gift card no more than 18 hours after receiving it. New record. To my excuse, it paid for a much needed re-stash of the little yellow florines from Lotta Jansdotter's Echo collection - I'd only stashed half a yard as I'm usually not that much into yellows, but I love these and have already so many projects on my mind and cut into what I had so I absolutely had to get more. A row of typewriters on teal from the Ruby Star collection was also added to my stash. They're just too cute and I've been eyeing for a while. You see, I practised constraint, only a further brown and red solid found their way into my bag because they are needed for a birthday present and table runners for my mum/Echo pillows for me.

Today was dedicated to cutting the fabric for my current project, two boy quilts. More than 3.5 hours of cutting, pretty exhausting but it's nice to get it done and move onto the sewing stage quickly.

It took quite a bit of time trying to come up with satisfying layouts. The baby quilt - please imagine blue borders on top and bottom, too, my table is too small.


And the toddler quilt. I like it but might change it a little, mixing the prints a bit more as I did on the baby quilt. We'll see. I will definitely swap the two misplaced white trains on the left for blue ones. Rather glad I took this pic and spotted the mistake before sewing!

The only sewing this weekend: assembling the 6 cm wide binding, seven measly seams. But it's all pressed and folded and wound up, already, 4.4 metres and 6.6 metres, respectively.

I'm prepared for the next stage, the rows are compiled into numbered stacks, and I might sew a couple of them together in the evenings should I find the time.

An awesome weekend full of laughter, smiles, and fun. How did you spend yours?

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