Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ahoy, Matey!

First of all, thank you for your kind words that have reached my through comments or by e-mail. They are genuinely appreciated and a reminder of why I enjoy sewing blogland so much as well. It's good to be back in the fold and if I haven't replied to you yet be assured that I will.

As I told you last time the cute little boy who got the viking quilt in November 2012 will be joined by a sister this October. As his parents adore the old quilt and because I don't think girls must be gifted with tons of pink and frilliness I've decided to play up the sibling theme and make another maritime quilt.

These are the fabrics that are new - isn't the panel gorgeous, aren't the mermaids cute without being over the top girly? - but I'll also throw in some well-known friends from previous quilts as well as some vikings.

A fabric I might not use is this pretty flannel, it depends whether I decide to stick with my idea of using the big boat on the backing or not.

I'm still playing around with the layout - although the clock is ticking - but it sure feels good to be working with fabric again.

Happy sewing!


  1. Just really superb choices in fabrics. I am also of the Not Too Pink squad when it comes to girls. There is such an overload right now--Every Where you look is pink. Never having been a big fan of pink, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain any girl-themed items that are not heavily pink. Pink, pink; you stink! we used to say, now one would probably get run out of town for expressing that sentiment in the wrong group. Congrats on following your own path; I already love that about you. And nautical themes are the best-my only commission so far was themed nautical for a grown daughter of a girlfriend. Daughter Loves It !~! So will your new baby girl.

    Thanks for such a great blog; I enjoy each and every visit.

  2. OH LOOK !~! That mermaid fabric is the one I used too !~! Closer inspection reveals even more fun-thanks.

  3. what a great idea to go with blues and maritime for a girls quilt - I would much prefer that to pink!!


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