Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Changing World

Where to begin? I have been off blogging and off sewing for five long months.

A few days shy of my 30th birthday we lost my gran. Subsequently my birthday became the worst day I have ever endured as we laid her to rest. There aren't enough words to describe how I felt and still feel, how all of us feel. Let it suffice to say that I have lost one of the most important persons in my life - a person I will aways be indebted to because of her contributions to who I am today, a person who is part of so many treasured memories, and a person I would have loved to share this other piece of information with because she would have rejoiced with the husband and me.

Yes, the year we lost our beloved gran will also be the year that we're adding to the family. And we're thrilled. Terribly excited. Incredibly happy.

The pregnancy has been pretty easy-going so far with little to no heavy symptoms. However, I have been tired a lot and I feel the grief has added to that. Combined with work and joyous occasions such as my sister and friends' weddings, my nephew's first birthday, and our 2nd anniversary yesterday, this has taken its toll on my hobby.

Now, I think it's about time to get back into the game. I am still sad, of course, but I am also looking forward to so many things and sewing is a part of that so I have indulged in some fabic shopping for our little arrival.

These fabrics are to become a quilt and I might throw in these from my stash.

I've also bought tons of yardage on sale to make curtains for the little one's room, though I still need to order a solid for the backing - I'm considering Kona Regatta.

You know my love for all things teal and aqua so it comes as no surprise that I've chosen these as main colours for the nursery. I love that it's gender neutral and works for both blond and ginger (though I am keeping my fingers crossed for a ginger addition, tbh) and with a little grey and yellow it'll make a sophisticated winter baby combination.

Right, I've not yet mentioned when we're due to be parents. Are you seated? If baby decides to arrive on time it'll be a Christmas gift - 26 December!

Well, I hope to be firmly back at my machine with these projects and hopefully blogging and commenting more regularly as well. There's another baby quilt project on the cards which should help with both goals. My little friend B is expecting a sister in October - better get going to make something cute to mix and match with B's viking quilt.

Happy Sunday and happy sewing!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. We found out that we were pregnant with our second child a few days before we lost my grandfather, we went on to name our daughter after him (one of the great things about Welsh names - you just add an 'a' to the end of a boy's name and you have a girls name!). She seems to have also taken on his love of singing!

    You are far more organised than I am - our third is due in ten weeks and I haven't even started preparing!

  2. It sounds like you've gone through some challenging times over the last months. It's great that you have so many wonderful moments to remember with your gran and that you'll have the gifts she has given you for the rest of your life. Gifts that you can now pass on to keep her memory alive. :) I'm so happy to hear that you are expecting! Baby quilt making is the best.

  3. So sorry about the loss of your Gran. But exciting to hear about a baby on the way :-) Hope your sewing brings you some joy as you anticipate the new arrival.

  4. I'm so sorry you've lost your grandmother. Its hard. Congratulations on your new addition! Quite a year.

  5. So sorry to hear about the difficult time that you have been having recently. Cling to those beautiful memories and she will always be with you.
    Super excited to hear your latest news thought! Hope all is going well with your pregnancy. Look forward to seeing all the baby sewing that you do. All the best, J x


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